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Weekly episodes of storytelling that empower your truth and shift your way of thinking. Nicole and Tory discuss topics of love, trust, balance, fear and what it means to feel at home wherever you go. 

May 18, 2018

Nicole and Tory talk all about managing your time so that it becomes embedded into your lifestyle; rather than waiting until life stacks too high on your shoulders to start. We're digging into our toolbox on how we manage life, work, motherhood, creativity, family and making sure the laundry gets somewhat folded. 

Before we can move forward with the "how" we have to take a look at where we are in the first place. This is where "selling the goat", "shit sandwiches" and "dropping the other shoe" all come into play.

We've taken our favorite life lessons and inquisitions and turned them into daily practices. We also include 10 tips on how to mange your time in a real-life way that is sustainable and, of course, can be altered to suite your lifestyle. The number 1 rule is you must get to know what works for you and your life for time management to really work. 


Show Notes:

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