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Weekly episodes of storytelling that empower your truth and shift your way of thinking. Nicole and Tory discuss topics of love, trust, balance, fear and what it means to feel at home wherever you go. 

May 25, 2018

We’re walking through the doors of opportunity, doing the work and showing up exactly as we are; uncut, unfiltered and ready. This week is all about the choice you make when you walk up to the doors, and that’s any door...actual or metaphorical; are you walking through to show up for yourself or are you there to show up for others? Nicole and Tory share their experience with vulnerability, their inner critic and how they show up when all they want to do is lay on the couch. Find out what it means to show up for yourself and for others, how to recognize it, and how to implement the practice into your daily life.


Show Notes & Resources:

Transcending Yoga (Where we attended Yoga Teacher Training!)

The Tao of Daily Life (Book):


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