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Weekly episodes of storytelling that empower your truth and shift your way of thinking. Nicole and Tory discuss topics of love, trust, balance, fear and what it means to feel at home wherever you go. 

Jun 15, 2018

This week we’re bridging the gap between times of struggle and those awesome, shiny, bright moments. You know those times when you’re on fire, ready to take on life while walking on air? If you do, then you know the struggle is real and you know how hard it is to get to and stay on a bright path. What we’re wondering is how do we make more or these moments? What tools can we use to get us out of the slump and off of the struggle bus, fast, efficient and intact? Today we’re here to share with you the thing you might know so well, the feeling of being stuck, and shed some light on the tools that will bring us back to our True North alignment.

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Show Notes:

The Lesson: Tools to shorten the distance between the “struggle” and the “bright moments”

  • Honor your body, it’s moods, emotions, state of being
  • Soften your grip on life and the literal grip in your hands/forehead/jaw
  • Write it down. No one ever felt worse after writing something down
  • Endorphins! Move your body- no matter what the circumstance!
  • Talk to someone-friend, therapist, s.o, parent, about anything, everything or nothing
  • Sit is in your shit. Be aware when you’re there, recognize, and move on when you’re ready.

Ask Yourself This:

  1. What are your patterns?
  2. What do you find yourself getting caught up in?
  3. What are you resisting?
  4. Are you fighting the resistance or leaning into it?
  5. What can you do to serve the situation your in and at the same time, take healthy steps forward up to alignment?