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Weekly episodes of storytelling that empower your truth and shift your way of thinking. Nicole and Tory discuss topics of love, trust, balance, fear and what it means to feel at home wherever you go. 

Jan 25, 2019

You know the feeling. We all do it. Gossip reinforces community values and plays an important social role. Gossip brings togetherness to the people who play by the rules and exposes the behavior that goes against the valued norm. Nicole and Tory share how to use mindful tools within something that will never go away. It’s not your story to tell, but nonetheless, stories will be told. Can you use what you’re about to say as a lesson or mirror for yourself and share YOUR experience instead of lashing out on someone else? They talk about Brene Brown's Truth Vault, Common Enemy Intimacy and acting how you want to feel. Let's lead from a place of understanding, non-judgment and grace even in sticky situations like gossip.